Sally Norris

Rev. Sally Norris

Dear Beloved South Congregational Church,

My soul was filled with joy when Bill Coughlin phoned to invite me to serve as your nextminister. In getting to know the Search Committee, I discovered deep faith, curiousminds, uplifting laughter, and an enthusiastic yearning for the church to shine as abeacon of light and love in your lives as well as beyond the walls of the building to thewider Cape community. How marvelous to be, in the words of your church profile, a“village church with a global perspective!” And so, I am humbled and honored to receive this “call” to join in ministry with you.

I’m a Cape Cod wash-ashore, having grown-up and ministered in New York City. Yes, anative New Yorker and avid Yankee fan. (Wait ‘till we do Baseball Sunday!). I attendedthe United Nations International School, a rich multi-cultural learning experience forwhich I am immensely grateful, and then went on to Barnard College and ColumbiaUniversity for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. From there I received my M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary, and subsequently served for many years at The Riverside Church. Additionally, I did doctoral work at Oxford University in England, and have served churches on Cape Cod, in Connecticut, and in Maine. On Cape Cod, I co-founded the MLK Action Team, a racial-justice advocacy group which still continues with strength, and I am a long-time volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod. I have a passion for making faith real by lifting up the voices of those who are marginalized. On a personal note, I love music of all genres; delight in being an amateur birder; get refreshed by walks along the bay and ocean and Cape Cod woodlands; try to take out a canoe at least once a year; love non-fiction reading, and get excited about baseball and football seasons (as well as the Olympics). I share my life with the Rev. David Powers, who is a retired UCC minister and historian of colonial New England. We reside in Dennis along with a host of chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, Carolina wrens, sparrows, orioles, woodpeckers, and our cheery seasonal hummingbirds.

I look forward to getting to know each of you and hearing your stories, your journeys which brought you to this place. I’m excited to work alongside the Leadership Circle, your cherished Music Minister Karen Crosby, and all of you, to create joyous worship, compelling programs, and vibrant outreach to the community. And lest, I forget, I can’t wait for my first purchase in the Thrifty Niche!

With love,

Sally Norris