Here Now Outdoor Ministries

A unique opportunity for housed and un-housed to worship together, join together at the communion feast and share in hospitality and fellowship. 

Here in the heart of God, Equal before God and each other, Rejoicing as one, Engaged in spirit:  Here Now Ministries is a radically inclusive and radically welcoming open space for worship, prayer and fellowship.  We meet outdoors on the front lawn of the Baptist church in Hyannis and welcome the un-housed and housed to be in community as God’s people.  Our vision is to meet people where they are and gather in God’s love to help break down barriers and stigma, to sing , pray, and worship together and to share a communion feast where everyone is welcome at the table.

“I just want someone to look me in the eye.”  “God wants nothing to do with me.”  “I can’t go to church, church is for good people and I don’t belong there.”  “I always thought God was going to punish me for things I’ve done, now I know that God loves me no matter what.”

These are real statements from members of the unhoused community here in Hyannis.  Feeling guilt, shame, judgement, or discomfort within the confines of a building or a service, it can be too much for some to enter into a traditional worship service.  Here Now Ministries offers an open air, free-flowing environment in which people can come in and out at will, can participate or simply watch, can enter in as they feel comfortable.  This worship service is rooted in God’s love and Jesus’ compassion for all people, but especially with preferential treatment for the poor, the maligned, those who are all too often disenfranchised.  Here Now offers this community a front row seat to worship and music,  a place at the altar and at the table;  treating all who enter as VIP’s, as partners in worship, and as equal members of God’s Beloved Community.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.

Here Now Ministries is an ecumenical ministry.  Our ministry team includes Rev. Pamela Wannie founder and minister with those experiencing homelessness, Rev. Mary Joyce-Hansen Chaplain at Cape Cod Hospital, Dr. Michael Smith worship leader at Christ Chapel, and Rev. John Singer Pastor at First Baptist Church Hyannis. Our hospitality team is led by Deb Weinstein, South Congregational Church.  In addition we are supported by our administration team: Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly, Bill Coughlin, Dave Corbett, Rev. Michael McSherry and our mentor and advisor Rev. Dr. Liz Magill. We are also supported by local churches through prayer, hospitality and funding.


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