South Congregational Church met for the first time in 1796 on Phinneys Lane as a satellite congregation of East Parish Church, and organized as South Parish in 1816.  In 1828 the building was dismantled and moved to its present site on Main Street, Centerville.  Of course Main Street at that time was not much more than a horse and buggy path leading down to the ocean.  Had you been attending South Congregational at that time, you would have had a clear view of Nantucket Sound since Cape Cod had few trees during much of the 19th-Century.

South Congregational was founded to be the “intellectual and moral center of the village.”  Today, we live in a pluralistic, multi-faith community, with many people describing themselves as spiritual but not religious or belonging to a variety of faith traditions.  While we are one of many mid-Cape religious communities, we still seek to be a moral and intellectual center, a place for spirituality, healing, and reflection on what it means to be faithful in the twenty-first century.  We want to be home for seekers, the intellectually curious, persons seeking healing and wholeness, and new neighbors in search of a loving, vital, and spiritually lively community.