Voices of Peace Poetry Contest Awards

(photo taken by Jim Canavan at the 2011 awards ceremony)


This year marks the nineteenth year of the newly named “Voices of Peace Poetry Contest” sponsored by the Corporal Jeffrey M. Lucey Cape Cod Chapter 041 Veterans for Peace with funding from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.  The awards ceremony and a reading of poems will take place at a public gathering Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 10 a.m. to noon at South Congregational Church, Centerville. 

CONTEST RULES   Poems should focus (a) on thoughts of peace and the abolition of war, hate, or violence; (b) on what I can do to help make a peaceful world for all; (c) on some of the ways war can be avoided; (d) on inner peace-how we become peaceful within ourselves so that we can face the “other person” with mercy and forgiveness; or (e) on examples of non-violent attitudes and actions that lead to friendship, negotiation, social justice and peace.

JUDGES   All entries will be judged by the Guyer Barn Poets of Cape Cod and Teacher Volunteers