Christianity and World Religions

Wednesdays at noon. On Wednesday, June 9th we will be discussing Daoism and Shinto. Overall, this series focuses on ways Christians can creatively respond to pluralism and ways we can share and learn from the world’s great wisdom traditions. In February, we will be continuing our conversations on Christianity and Judaism, and then embarking on a journey with Hinduism and Buddhism, before journeying with Chinese religions, Islam, Sikhs and Bahai, First American, earth-based, and new spiritual movements. (Bruce Epperly is currently researching for a book, “The Elephant is Running: Process Theology and Religious Pluralism.)

If you’d like to participate in this Zoom-based series you can either email Pastor Epperly at and request a weekly email link or call Alison, our church administrator, at 508-775-8332 and request to be added to the email list for this Zoom meeting.