Sophia Speaks: Celebrating the Feminine Dimension of God

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. join us as we celebrate God’s many names and the diverse ways God comes to us.  We will be focusing on the feminine dimensions of God through the music of Katie Koglin, harpist, and Pam Wannie, pianist, readings from scripture and women mystics, and the celebration of communion, with Kate Epperly as celebrant.

The Greek word for Wisdom is “Sophia”.  Sophia’s spirit is seen to include the ordering, beauty and justice seeking forces at work throughout all creation and human relations. Therefore her wisdom is, on the whole, universal.  This “Wisdom”  faith and literary trajectory in both the old and new testament parallels the salvation history tradition with which we are most familiar.  The tradition though has been largely neglected. It is about seeing the ordering and beauty-making activity of the Divine in artistic creativity, play and creation.

South Congregational Church is a village church with a global perspective, a place where we honor the many faces of God and God’s healing wisdom throughout creation.  This program is supported by a worship grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.


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