Politics and Ethics of Jesus

The last session of this series will be conducted online on Wednesday, April 1st at 1:00pm using the Zoom link previously emailed to you by Pastor Epperly:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9897690404

If you did not receive the link you can cut and paste or type the following Zoom link into your browser, hit “Enter” and follow the instructions.

The “Politics and Ethics of Jesus,” series focuses particular attention to the Sermon on the Mount as well as Jesus’ views on war and peace, economics, diversity, response to political evil, and interpersonal ethics.  While many identify Jesus’ ethics as primarily personal in nature, Jesus spent his lifetime in an occupied land, challenged the marriage of religion and government, and created a community of welcome at odds with the prevailing social mores.

Our ongoing theological-spiritual seminar is considering what Jesus would do in our personal and political lives through a study of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).  How do we understand Jesus’ “upside down kingdom” and live God’s vision “on earth as it is in heaven” in the challenges of our twenty-first century lives as citizens?  How do we move from self-interest to world loyalty?