Planet Awareness Day: Two Events

Friday, September 20th, as part of the International Environmental Action Day, South Church is participating in “Fridays for the Future,” inspired by Greta Thunberg, the seventeen year-old Swedish high school student who has made caring for the environment her passion.  We will be part of a faith-based call to action in a coalition of Cape Cod churches seeking to respond to the environmental crisis.  We must go beyond climate denial to affirming our calling as God’s companions in healing the earth.  South Church will sponsor two events for the wider community and ourselves.  These events will be preceded by a congregational ringing of the steeple bell at 11:00am.  If you always wanted to ring an old-fashioned church bell please come at 11:00am and do a few pulls on our steeple bell rope!

Spirituality and 350: Faith in a Time of Climate Change

  1.  At 12:00 noon on the 20th we will host a conversation on spiritual resources for responding to climate change and honoring the environement and non-human world.  The term “350” refers to the belief among most scientists that CO2 concentrations over 350 parts per million (ppm) is dangerous to planetary well-being.  The average ppm for 2019 so far hovers around 415 ppm which represents dramatic annual increases over the past many decades.  Prior to the industrial revolution the earth averaged 280 ppm.
  2.   At 6:00 pm on the 20th join us at Craigville Beach (Osterville side) for a brief gathering to focus our attention and prayers on the environment.