Ash Wednesday Service

Our Lenten journey begins Wednesday, February 26th with Ash Wednesday when we gather at noon and 6:00 p.m. for scripture, reflection, and the imposition of ashes.  The ashes remind us of our mortality, the realities of sin and the recognition that even our attempts at goodness can have negative effects on others as well as recognizing our connectedness with humans and non-humans everywhere, and the willingness to commit to personal growth and transformation.  As we receive the Ashes, we hear the words “Repent and believe the Good News” as an invitation to be faithful in the challenges of our lives as individuals and members of the broader community.

On Ash Wednesday, we are invited to look reflectively, and without judgment at our lives, make a decision to be more aware of the impact of our lives on others, and commit ourselves to following the way of Jesus.  This is an invitation to confession but beyond that to joyful celebration of God’s love.