Questions of Faith: God, Do You Exist?

Questions of Faith: God, Do You Exist? Genesis 28:10-17, Genesis 32:22-32 Psalm 42 The journey of faith is often challenging. There are days when all is right with the world, when we’re sure that God is near, and that right will prevail. Then, there are days when God seems absent and uncaring, and when we […]

Generosity and Grace – Living Bread and Loving Water

Matthew 10:40-42 John 6:1-14 Today’s readings from the bible are about generosity. We’ve all heard the word “generous?” What do you think it means? Today, we heard stories about what it means to be “generous” or “share.” Do you ever share things with others? What things do you share? Sometimes, sharing involves doing what’s right […]

What Good is Theology?

Thirty years ago, Desmond Tutu, the great South African spiritual leader, declared apartheid a heresy, a deviation from the spirit and truth of Christian doctrine, in its denial of the full humanity of black Africans. Created in the image of God, black South Africans deserved to be treated equally, with equal political power, as the […]

Creating Beauty with God

Genesis 1:1-2:4 The universe story described in revelation is breathtaking in scope. In the beginning God created, out of chaos and darkness came light, out of disorder came creative transformation and life abounding. Out of divine vision came the heavens and the earth and the wondrous 14 billion year evolutionary process that has brought us […]

Christ, Change, and Pluralism

Acts 17:17-28 A number of years ago, a best seller was titled, “Who moved my cheese?” Today, many people, including folks like us, are asking “Who moved our culture?” or “Who moved our church?” I grew up in a town resembling the fabled “Andy Griffith Show.” Our small town in the Salinas Valley was sleepy […]

Heavenly Hopes and Earthly Blessings

John 14:1-14 Have you thought about the type of house you’d want in heaven? Have you considered who you’d like to meet when you pass through the pearly gates and find yourself in God’s everlasting realm, a place where there is neither sunset or dawn, but life everlasting? I don’t give heaven a lot of […]

Practicing Resurrection: The Quest for Truth

John 20:24-31 Today, we continue our adventures in practicing resurrection. Last week, we learned the healing power of breath. When we pause, noticing our joys and sorrows, our well-being and pain, and breathe deeply, we may be breathing the same air as the women and men did in that upper room. We may discover that […]

Practicing Resurrection: Breathing Space

Psalm 150, John 20:19-22 In her inspirational text on ministry in the South Bronx, Lutheran pastor Heidi Neumark tells of a tree in front of her parsonage that toppled over one day without any warning. On further examination, Neumark discovered that the tree had rotted from within, suffering from a type of arboreal cancer, resulting […]

Practicing Resurrection

Mark 16:1-8; John 20:1-18; Luke 24:1-12 Did you notice something interesting as you listened to the Easter readings this morning? We have heard them so often, it is easy for them to lose their edge, and for us to forget how unexpected and unbelievable the resurrection story is. The readings proclaim that something amazing happened […]