Sermons from February 2021

God Moments

Lent 1 – Feb 21 Genesis 9:8-17 Mark 1:9-15 Today’s readings involve awakening to signs of God’s presence in our lives.  Do you ever have God moments, synchronous encounters, and insights that seem to come out of nowhere?  From time to time, I do – the first time I saw the bumper sticker in front of Craigville […]

Recalibrating Your Spiritual GPS – February 7

Mark 1:21-22, 29-39 In today’s reading, Mark describes a day in the life of Jesus.  In Judaism, the day begins at sunset.  And so, at sunset, Jesus goes to the local synagogue as a visiting rabbi to give the message for the day.  In the course of his message at the synagogue, he is confronted […]