Sermons from April 2018

Connected by Love

Acts 8:26-31, 36-40 I John 4:7-12, 18-21 John 15:1-8 Today’s readings could easily turn into three sermons, or an hour lecture. But, that might be a bit much for any of us to handle. They chart a theological adventure lived out in everyday life. They tell us of God’s nearness, and presence in ordinary acts […]

The Deeper Magic

Mark 16:1-8 Recently my grandsons, Kate, and I saw a film version of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. As you may recall, the story describes the adventures of four children in Narnia, an enchanted land lying just beyond the wardrobe. Occupied by an evil queen, the once verdant Narnia is now desolate; […]