Sermons from April 2016

Doing Something Beautiful with God

Psalm 148 Matthew 6:25-34 During the Easter Season, we make the bold affirmation that God can revive cells as well as souls. Christ’s resurrected body means that our bodies matter; that God is concerned with our health and the health of the earth, and that God wants us to bring healing to persons and the […]

The Healing of Purpose

Acts 9:1-10 John 21:1-19 What is your life’s purpose? What is your calling today, tomorrow, and in days ahead? Often there are many good pathways to take, and you must choose the one you think best. Still, sometimes the path ahead – your calling – arises without warning and you begin a journey without a […]

The Hidden Wisdom of Doubt

John 20:19-31 Once upon a time a man sought guidance from the Bible. He believed that if he prayed long enough and then picked two scriptures, he would know God’s plan for his life. So, one day he asked God, “Tell me what I should do next. Show me the way.” He closed his eyes, […]