Sermons from April 2015

The Transforming Power of Doubt

John 20:24-31 I recently read Amy and Jonathan Hollingsworth’s Runaway Radical. It was a highly disturbing book that recounts what happens when an idealistic, socially concerned, and compassionate young man – just a college sophomore – goes to Africa on a mission and falls under the control of an authoritarian religious group. Soon after his […]

On the Road with Jesus

Luke 24:13-35 Today’s scripture is about movement. The way we move and cadence of our walk reveals a good deal about our emotional and spiritual lives. Some mornings when I begin my walk along Craigville’s beaches, I’m almost skipping along. There’s a spring to my step that reflects the beauty and life-giving energy of the […]

Breathing Space

John 20:19-23 In her book Breathing Space, Pastor Heidi Neumark tells of an apparently healthy tree, standing in front of her Bronx parsonage, that falls unexpectedly one morning. Upon examination, the pastor discovered that the tree was rotting from the inside, most likely the result of fumes and toxins in her Bronx neighborhood. The tree […]

An Empty Tomb and an Open Future

Mark 16:1-8 John 20:1-19 What is the stone that stands in your way? What boulder blocks your vision of a joyful future, constricting your imagination, dashing your dreams and filling you with dread? Women take center stage in the Easter stories. They are the first ones to receive the great commission to “Go and tell […]