Sermons from August 2014

Questions Kids Ask: What Does God Look Like?

Acts 17:22-29 A friend of mine takes inner city kids, who have never been to the country, to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western, Pennsylvania. Far from city lights, he asks them to lie on their backs, and behold the starry, starry night, and see the face of God. Our parents in the faith, both […]

Questions Kids Ask: What About the Devil?

Luke 4:1-13 When I was a teenager, there was a comedian Flip Wilson who always stated that “The devil made me do it!” to explain any of his misdeeds. It was a funny line, but hardly did justice to the temptations we often experience. Now the notion of Satan or the Devil is shrouded in […]

Questions Kids Ask: What’s a Disciple to Do?

Luke 4:16-19, Matthew 28:16-20 Once upon a time, Jesus chose twelve men to be his closest followers. They were his spiritual cabinet, his inner circle. They received his teachings and were given his power. For the most part, they did great things, healing the sick and preaching good news, but oftentimes they simply muddled through, […]

Questions Kids Ask: What Did Jesus Look Like?

Luke 2:41-52; Mark 10:13-16  Have you ever wondered what Jesus looked like? I grew up looking at the following painting by Warner Salman, hung on my bedroom wall in the Salinas Valley in California. When you look at this painting, what comes to mind? Conversation My folks had other paintings of Jesus around the house, […]