Prophets or Profits

Amos 5:22-24, 8:4-7, 11-14 Being a prophet can be a dangerous occupation. Your life expectancy is often short and you seldom stay in one place too long.  No one really wants a prophet to show up at town hall, corporate offices, Congress or the White House, and few welcome prophets in church as well. Amos was […]

Amazing Generosity of Spirit

John 12:1-8, Luke 10:38-42 Today, we celebrate two women of faith, Mary and Martha.  Women have often gone unnoticed in our faith traditions.  Male leadership and masculine images of God have hidden the significance of women and the divine feminine, the wholeness of God that embraces and goes beyond male and female. While the New […]

None are Strangers and All are Free

Philemon 1:1-25 Every so often, a personal email is accidentally shared, or confidential communications between political figures become public and go viral.  Reputations can be ruined or we can discover the intimacy of two close friends in a positive and life-affirming way. We don’t know if the apostle Paul intended his letter to Philemon to […]

Encountering God in Pain and Vulnerability

Mark 5:25-34 Author Susan Sontag asserts that each person holds two passports: one is to the land of the healthy, the other to the land of sick. We all know the zest of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being: we know it because we hardly notice it.  Our bodies are our friends.  We bound up the stairs, […]

More than a Fish Story – Jonah

What would you do if God challenged everything you thought was true about God and the people around you?  What if you discovered that your Sunday School faith was fine when you were ten but not when you are thirty or seventy? The book of Jonah is more than a fish story.  It’s about one […]

The Gospel According to Paw Patrol

I Corinthians 12 “No job is too big, no pup is too small,” so begins the introduction to Paw Patrol, an animated children’s show about a group of dogs who are first responders, each one different, with different personalities and gifts, who help people and animals in need. I wouldn’t have connected Paw Patrol with […]

Encounters with God -What do you say to a burning bush? Moses

Exodus 3:11-15 Moses had a history.  As he walked to work that morning, off to tend his father-in-law’s herds, perhaps Moses was pondering, “How did I get myself into this situation?” Perhaps, he recounted his life story, “Raised by the great Pharaoh’s daughter, born in luxury, destined for great things.  Born Hebrew, raised Egyptian, unsure of […]

Wrestling with God: Jacob

Genesis 28:10-17   Genesis 32:22-32   We continue our reflection on Encountering God with the story of Jacob, the trickster, the biblical embodiment of the art of the deal.  Some folks are unexpected mystics, and Jacob fits this category.  From the moment of his birth, Jacob sought to get the upper hand on anyone he met.  He […]

Invitation to Adventure: Abraham and Sarah

Genesis 12:1-9 There is a saying, “when you make plans, God laughs.” It is not that God is out to turn our lives upside down, or that God wants to make things difficult for us, but that life is full of surprises, and sometimes God is the source of unexpected adventures, moving us out of our […]

An Open and Affirming Heart

John 13:34 People who know me well recognize that I seldom take short cuts on important issues. I don’t go along with the crowd, intellectually, theologically, or ethically.  Thomas the doubter is one of my intellectual heroes.  I ponder the yes and the no, the theory and practice, of issues. I regularly question my beliefs, […]