St. Joseph House Driver List

  1. JOSEPH’S HOUSE (formerly NOAH Shelter) Drivers 2016

Delivery on the 4th Monday of each month:


January 23          Dennis Smith               

February 27         Max Money

March 27             Dan Dray

April 24               Max Money

May 22                Jan Fletcher

June 26               Nelson Cook

July 24                Dan Dray 

August 28            Carol Torbey

September 25      Dennis Smith

October 23          Nelson Cook

November 27      Jan Fletcher

Thank you so much for volunteering to drive to St. Joseph’s House to deliver dishes made by our church members!

I will send out a reminder email, a quick note or a phone call to you about a week before your assigned date.

If you cannot drive on your assigned date, please call another driver on the list below. Also, please call to let me know of the change — I will appreciate that! Church phone: 508-775-8332.

When you arrive at the church, there should be 8 dishes in the fridge labeled St. Joseph’s (there is a checklist of the volunteer cooks on the fridge).

Delivery is between 3:15 and 4 pm. Trays are available to use if that’s helpful.

St. Joseph’s House is located at 77 Winter St. in Hyannis, between North and Stevens Street. Phone: 508-778-5255.


Edited January 4, 2017