I have been thinking quite a bit about creation this month. This is partially due to our Godly Play lessons, which we began on Sept. 14. The story of creation is a beautiful poetic journey through the dawning of the light all the way to Sabbath rest. We are talking about all the things we DON’T know about creation and all the things about which we wonder. Our younger children are great “wonderers”. They are not concerned with spoiling the story or making mistakes. We remind them that all questions are good questions, “Why did the bible writer think that the sky was made of water?” and that all wondering answers are right.

Our older kids are thinking about creation as well! We have begun a journey of self-exploration as we begin to create a “spiritual autobiography”. This is another activity that has no incorrect questions or answers. Each of us has arrived TODAY as creations of God, influenced by all the people and experiences, both good and bad, which have been part of our story. Our stories are sacred. Our stories are our own. Our stories are worthy of retelling because we are all beloved children of God.

There is still time for you to join in on all this creation! We have our Confirmation student helping as teaching assistants with the younger class, and many of you have already volunteered to both share your own story of creation and spirituality with our older students or to help in that classroom. You can find the sign-up sheet in the fellowship hall or feel free to contact me about how you might join us in this good work.

In other work with the children and youth, we are so pleased to be able to participate in the Ocean Conservancy’s national project to clean up our world. Sept 28 we headed to Craigville Beach to pick up trash and then to participate in the categorization of the kids of trash in our natural resources. Thanks again to Candy Rufleth for organizing us and helping with the clean-up. In October, we will once again participate in the annual UNICEF collection that supports children’s advocacy programs. We are interested in participating in the care of our village and our world.

Remember to invite your friends and their children to join us in this creative work. There is a place for every one in the church school and our sanctuary as we learn, grow and experience God’s love at South Church!


Children and Youth caring for God's creation!
Children and Youth caring for God’s creation!

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