Mystic Mondays – Gospel of Thomas

Mystic Mondays Series meets virtually every Monday at 12:00pm. You can join this meeting with the Zoom link information below. Reading the Gospel of Thomas – Mondays at noon .   We will discover another side of the early Christian movement by reading through the Gospel of Thomas, part of a collection of writings found in Northern Egypt […]

An Exploration of New Spiritual Practices

This Lent Associate Pastor Pam Wannie is offering opportunities to explore new spiritual practices:  Groups begin on Monday February 22 and continue through Thursday April 1st.  Classes will be offered by Zoom with a link sent the morning of the class.  Sign up is encouraged but not necessary.   Praying with the Body: gentle embodied […]

Christianity and World Religions

Wednesdays at noon. Focusing on ways Christians can creatively respond to pluralism and ways we can share and learn from the world’s great wisdom traditions. In February, we will be continuing our conversations on Christianity and Judaism, and then embarking on a journey with Hinduism and Buddhism, before journeying with Chinese religions, Islam, Sikhs and […]