Sermons from April 2020

Got Doubt?

John 20:24-28 Today, I want to reflect on the importance of doubt in the life of faith.  Nearly everyday I see at least fifty false statements – mostly memes or short comments – posted on Facebook.  They are patently false and I do my best to resist correcting my friends for their violations of the commandment “not […]

Practicing Resurrection: Breathing Space

Psalm 150, John 20:19-22 In her inspirational book on ministry in South Bronx, Lutheran pastor Heidi Neumark tells of a tree in front of her parsonage that toppled over one day without any warning.  On further examination, Neumark discovered that the tree had rotted from within, suffering from a type of arboreal cancer, resulting from the […]

Getting in the Easter Spirit

John 20:1-18 You often hear people in the middle of the Christmas season confessing, “I just can’t get into the Christmas spirit this year.”  Some add, “Since the kids grew up, Christmas is different.” Or, “Since my husband or wife died, this is a tough time for me.”   I think many of us are saying a […]

Palm Sunday – Life on a Roller Coaster

Matthew 21:1-11 It was a week like none other.  When they marched into Jerusalem, to fanfare and adulation, for a moment the disciples’ concerns were relieved.  “Look at the crowds.  Hear the Hallelujahs.  Our fears were unfounded. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Everything’s gonna be alright.”  But in less than twenty-four hours their leader is […]