Sermons from December 2018

Growing in Wisdom and Stature

Luke 2;41-52 One of my mentors Howard Thurman quotes the following mother’s prayer in one of his books: Each night my bonny, sturdy lad                                                                     Persists in adding to his, Now I lay me                                                               Down to sleep, the earnest wistful plea:                                                 “God, make me big.”                                                                                      And I, his mother, with greater need,                                                              Do echo in […]

The Good News of Repentance

Luke 3:1-6 Only ten days till Christmas, and we’re stuck with John the Baptist.  As we go about our merry-making, John is a real killjoy.  We don’t need a prophet or curmudgeon, we need jolly old Saint Nick, with sacks of presents, candy, and libations.  But, there are times when you need to hear the […]

Spiritual Practices for Advent and Christmas

Philippians  1:3-11; 4:4-9 This morning, amid the joyful heavenly bells, I want to share a few words about spiritual practices. Advent is an appropriate time to reflect on our spiritual lives.  Before the coming of Christmas as a consumer holiday, Advent was a time of prayer, fasting, and preparation for the celebration of the birth […]