Sermons from November 2018

A Different Kind of King: An Intergenerational Sermon

Philippians 2:5-11 Do you ever dream at night?  What do you dream about? Recently I had a dream.   In my dream, I had a study in the basement of a seminary – a place where ministers go to school.  It was a large study, as big as one of the classrooms at West Villages and […]

A Challenging Question

Mark 12:28-34 Occasionally, a friend of mine will post the following on the relationship information section of Facebook, “It’s complicated.” Perhaps, they are embarking on a new romance, in search of a companion, or have second thoughts about a challenging relationship – “It’s complicated.” Last month, our women’s spirituality book group studied Charles Sheldon’s “In […]

Resources Enough for Everyone

I Kings 7:8-16 Mark 12:38-44 My parents were both Depression children. Times were difficult in small town America and people lived from paycheck to paycheck, if they got paid at all. But, as I queried my parents about their youth, they revealed something startling – almost countercultural- when a hobo, out of work, or a family […]

An Adventure that Includes Us All

Ruth 1:1-18 “There was a famine in the land, and a certain family from Bethlehem crossed the border to live in Moab.”  They were strangers in a strange land, Naomi and Elimelech and their two sons, migrating to a foreign country, most likely with scores of other Judeans.  No doubt the Moabites were concerned with […]