Sermons from February 2016

Turning From Fear to Love

Isaiah 55:1-9 Luke 13:1-9 Today, we receive an astounding promise. Despite our past, our sin and imperfection, God has great plans for us. During Lent, we remember our mortality and all that separates us from God, but more importantly we trust God’s promise that our future – and the future of this church – is […]

Citizenship in Heaven

Philippians 3:17-4:1 Luke 13:31-35 Today’s readings remind us of our deepest identity. They’re about staying the course, remembering our values, and letting Jesus guide our path despite all the temptations to do otherwise. The apostle Paul proclaims that “our citizenship is in heaven, and it is from there that we are expecting a Savior, the […]

The Power of a Name

Romans 10:8-13 Luke 4:1-13 Lent is a time of self-examination. We look in the mirror of our lives and reflect upon the choices we make and the reality of our mortality. During Lent, we are asked to consider whether our lives bring beauty or ugliness to the world. In light of our mortality, we are […]

Transfiguration and Transformation

Luke 9:28-43 A number of years ago, I had lunch with a former professional football player who now runs a faith-based program for inner city youth. Every year he takes at-risk teens to the mountains, far from city lights, in order to gaze at the stars and see the face of God. Like Aldous Huxley, […]