Sermons from February 2015

Setting Your Spiritual GPS

Mark 1: 29-39 How you answer two key questions can shape how you respond to the events of life, both personal and global. “Do you believe in God?” and “What is the character of the god that you follow?” The story of Noah, the flood, and the rainbow are legendary and poetic. Most scholars believe […]

Unclean Spirits and Healing Powers

Mark 1:21-28 I Corinthians 8:1-13 For nearly twenty years, I served as Protestant Chaplain for Georgetown University. Just a short walk from my office was the famed “Exorcist Steps,” the site of an epic battle between good and evil and the divine and the demonic. I often took these stairs on my walks to a […]

We Are Connected

I Corinthians 10:16-17 John 15:1-12 When I was a small boy, growing up in the Salinas Valley in California, the first Sunday of the month was my favorite Sunday. Not only was the sermon shorter, but we got a little snack toward the end of the service – a cracker and a little glass of […]