Sermons by Dr. John A. Terry

The Promise Luke 1:39-55

Here is the story of Mary, mother of Jesus, and Mary’s relative, Elizabeth, mother of John whom we know as John the Baptist.  Mary and Elizabeth were related.  They could have been cousins or, given the age difference, Elizabeth could have been Mary’s aunt. This passage tells of miracles and surprised and reversals.  There was […]

The Voice Luke 3:1-6

I want to give you an introduction to the several people mentioned in this scripture passage.  The lesson begins with the words: “In the fifteenth year of the reign of Emperor Tiberius…”  The Roman Empire had gone through the death of Augustus Caesar.  Emperor Tiberius Caesar was the successor of Augustus Caesar.  We know him […]

False Positives Luke 21: 25-36

We begin the church year by looking ahead to the end, to how in God’s time the world as we know it will be transformed.  Jesus said these words near the end of his earthly ministry.  He knew how easy it is to be distracted by the trials and tribulations of our life and times.  […]