Books for Centerville Elementary

Help us reach our goal of putting 200 books into the backpacks of students of color in our community in the next 20 days!  

About Us: The Barnstable Ally Group is a local organization whose mission is to create opportunities for allies and people of color through supporting and advocating anti-racism in our community. We serve as a hub of resources for children and adults in our community focusing on the eradication of systemic racism. We recognize that there is a critical need to ensure that voices, stories, histories, and cultures of marginalized groups are heard, taught, and seen to promote change. The Barnstable Ally Group also creates, shares, and supports resources in our schools and communities to teach and learn about how to be better allies while cultivating a safe space for people of color and allies to connect.  

Book Drive Details: While we hope to eventually put books into backpacks in every school in Barnstable, we are starting at the elementary levels with Hyannis West (K-3) and Barnstable Charter Innovation School (K-3). We recognize the need for students of color to identify with, make connections with and read about characters of color. It is our hope that with your donation, by reading about characters of similar backgrounds and experiences and seeing their own identities in literature, students of color will become engaged in reading and have an increase of self esteem and positive cultural identity. While we will gladly accept book donations at any time, we kindly ask that donations arrive by Monday April 5th. This will allow us to go through the donations, create bundles and have them ready to go into backpacks in our schools in time for April Vacation! 

Please mail or drop off books to:                                    

Centerville Elementary School ATTN: Kim White 658 Bay Lane Centerville, MA 02632

For Questions, contact the Barnstable Ally Group at   Barnstable Ally Group200 Books, 20 Days Wish List View our Amazon Wish List Here