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Fourth Sunday of Easter

Reading 1: Acts 2:42-47 Reading 2: Psalm 23 Reading 3: I Peter 2:19-25 Reading 4: John 10:1-10 By Bruce G. Epperly Healthy spirituality is all-season: it embraces mind, body, spirit, and relationships; individual and community; sickness and health; contemplation and action; and abundance and scarcity. It promotes individual transformation, and points individuals toward God’s larger […]

Third Sunday of Easter

Reading 1: Acts 2:1-4a. 36-41 Reading 2: Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19 Reading 3: I Peter 1:17-23 Reading 4: Luke 24:13-25 By Bruce G. Epperly Salvation or wholeness comes in many ways. If God has a truly personal relationship with each of us, then there is no “one size that fits all” approach to salvation on the […]

Second Sunday of Easter

Reading 1: Acts 2:14a, 22-32 Reading 2: Psalm 16 Reading 3: Peter 1:3-9 Reading 4: John 20:19-31 By Bruce G. Epperly We can experience resurrection power in miraculous ways. We can experience divine resuscitations, breathing with Jesus, restoring spirits and communities in ways we never would have expected. I believe that mainline, progressive, and process […]

Resurrection Without Supernaturalism

There is no getting around Easter if you belong to the Jesus movement. Jesus’ first followers were transformed by their encounters with the Risen Christ. Once fearful, they became courageous; once uncertain, they became confident in that Jesus was unique, the savior of humankind, victorious over sickness, sin, and death. The power of the resurrection […]

A Progressive Good Friday?

What do you do with Good Friday and the Cross when you’ve abandoned the doctrine of substitutionary atonement and the divine necessity of Jesus’ death? Like many progressive Christians, I grew up hearing the mantras “Jesus died for our sins,” “Jesus died so that we might have eternal life and escape God’s wrath,” “Jesus paid […]